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How to Reduce Stress and Chaos In Your Daily Life


Much of the overall stress in our lives is caused by  plain old clutter and disorganization.

How To Reduce Stress Step One. Managing Daily Headaches
How many times have you been late to work because you can't find your keys? Even if it's once a year then I recommend you get a key pegboard to place in the kitchen or mud room. As a backup, make spares of your keys, at least 3 and put one in your purse or wallet (house keys too). You can fall back on these if you need to.

Sign up with AAA or a similar road service plan or add road service to your wireless plan. AMEX gold cards have free roadside service to give you a jump start, change a tire, etc and cover the first $50 of the expense. If your credit rating is good the American Express gold also doubles the term of most manufacturers warranty.


Reduce Auto Stress
Keep a can of "spare air" in your trunk in case you have a low tire. Fix a Flat and other brands will often seal the leak and inflate the tire enough to make it to work or to a repair place.
Invest in "run flat" tires that allow you to drive to a repair place.

If you can afford it, buy the extended warranty your dealer offers when you buy a new car. Avoid the extended warranty offers you get in the mail after you buy a car, they are often rip offs and don't pay if you don't have meticulous maintenance records.
Add the all inclusive insurance to your cell phone in case you drop it in the water, etc.

Reduce The Stress Of Losing All Your Contacts

Keep important phone numbers and information written on paper in your purse or wallet in case your phone goes dead and you haven't memorized them. If your phone has a backup utility, use it to back up all your numbers to your PC.

Reduce The Stress Of Not Being Able To Reach Your Spouse In An Emergency

Get to know your neighbors and get their phone numbers in case you need their assistance in some incident. Keep phone numbers of your spouse's boss, workplace, co-workers, etc., handy in case you need to locate them in an emergency.

Reduce The Stress Of Losing Your Electronics In A Lighting Strike

To reduce the stress of losing valuable electronic equipment install AC surge suppressors on all your high end electronics, they will pay for themselves a hundred times over the first lightning strike you get on your electrical system. See How to protect valuable home electronics with surge suppressors.

How To Reduce Stress Step Two. Reduce Junk and Clutter:
Get rid of much of your junk mail by ordering a junk mail removal kit and by contacting the number above the label on catalogs that you do not read. This helps the environment too.
Join a credit monitoring service such as Lifelock. This protects your credit and reduces junk mail and credit offers too.
Visit the Container Store or a discount store and buy stackable boxes to store items that you use infrequently such as grandkids toys, Christmas stuff too and free up space in your closet. Put seasonal clothes and shoes away too. Attack the mess in the garage as well. Install shelves and organize parts and pieces. Put all your frequently used garden tools on hooks along the wall.

To reduce stress get rid of annoyances.

Get on the "do not call list" sponsored by the US Government and get rid of annoying phone calls. Go to

Turn off your answering machine on at mealtime and put away  your cell phones. You should have at least half an hour without ringing phones and interruptions in your day, what better time than meal time which can be family time as well.

Reduce The Stress Of Having Your Things Stolen.

Invest in a car alarm and have a home alarm system installed and use it each time you leave your home. There is almost nothing more stressful that having your home burglarized.  Consider an IP webcam to keep an eye on your babysitter, pet, nanny, etc., so that you don't have to stress about what is happening at home.  See: How to Remotely Monitor Your Home With IP Webcams

To reduce stress keep yourself organized. Get a good PDA or old fashioned
paper organizer to track your appointments. You can sign up for a service that notifies you of friends and family birthdays or use a software application that stores this on your computer and notifies you a few days ahead.
Buy and hide presents ahead of time to reduce the stress of last minute gift purchases. Ahead of time, buy a few little gifts such as bottles of fine wine for occasions when you do not have notice or time to go shopping for gifts.




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